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Cyborg Live Wallpaper

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Interactive Cyborg Live Wallpaper- Youve been targeted by the interactive Cyborg live Wallpaper! The future is in your hands! Terminate your boring desktop! Transform your phone into a real Android!This LWP pays tribute to fans of all great sci-fi movie robots including the Terminator, Transformers and even the Star Wars droids. But, just dont call him an "Iron Man" (excuse the pun!) or hell get angry!
• You can turn the cyborg robot sound on or off in settings (It defaults off)• Touch his eye to activate the "AI "sensor" mode similar to the Terminator movies• Enjoy hours of fun with this interactive artificial intelligence android!
This is not officially associated with The Terminator, T2, MGM, Fox or Arnold Schwarzenegger; nor is it meant to be represented as such. This is a Parody and homage to all great Science fiction robots and is all original generated fan art.